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Out Popular Colture

Here are a collection of images I think relay the messages I mentioned. Why are there these constant three or four gestures these people do, and such a varied group of people that have no connection in the musical or social worlds.
Either way the reason I feel the need to post these images is to show you that symbolism has a lot more of an effect on our subconscious minds than we give credit. Why do you think subliminal messaging was banned from advertising or any t.v.? These images and the meanings and messages they convey stick in our subconscious minds long after they are exposed to us. Check them out and see if you find it to be a coincidence, or just because these specific symbols are 'trendy and look cool' and have been for the last 30 years. I personally thought there MUST be something more to this when I first noticed it.

So, the signs here if you haven't noticed, are the one eye or exaggeration of one eye, the pyramid, (or pyramid with the all-seeing eye at the top.) The a-ok hand sign, and the rock horns hand sign. The other picture of Lady Gaga is a reference, as you can see to Baphomet, which has various meanings but mostly paganism as a deity, or a demon god in satanic history that was embraced by Aleister Crowley - a man you should do some reading on.


Now I'm not going to tell you why or how these symbols have dark significations in this post, it's just to show you that this is pretty real, and there is a reason for . I will go into the meaning of some of the symbols in my next posts. However the history of these signs goes very deep and there are endless amounts of documents you can find yourself on each of them.

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